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Olivia grace Smith-35


I am an Actor, Singer, Writer and Director. My experience includes Children’s Entertainment, Voice Performance, Drama Teaching, Musical Theatre, and the creation and execution of performance art and plays.

I have worked on a variety of different projects and have been very privileged to travel the world as an actor, singer & entertainer.  I love working with other creative people and really enjoy the creative process,  I am always seeking to grow as a performer

In 2014 I wrote and directed my first theatre piece for Monsalvat  whilst still at high school – called ‘Ay Mis Hijos’ (Oh my Children). In 2016 I worked with a group of asylum seekers and refugees to create “I’d Turn Back”. This aimed to present the true accounts of asylum seekers and refugees in Australia and raise awareness of their plight. It featured at both the Melbourne (2016) and Adelaide (2017) Fringe Festivals.

I enjoy being part of the creative team at Scrambled Prince Theatre Company where we create challenging and unconventional theatre. Through directing and workshops I am heavily involved in coaching and moulding the younger members of the company.

I live in Melbourne Australia and enjoy participating in the vibrant arts industry that this city is known for.

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In 2017 I completed a Diploma of Yoga Teaching with the Victorian Institute of Yoga Education and Teacher Training (VIYETT). As a registered Yoga Australia teacher I am slowly building this part of my business by providing holistic responses that are tailored to my yoga customers needs.

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